Math 6-8: The Standards in Practice

Intended Audience:

6-12 Teachers, Teacher Leaders, Professional Development Coordinators, Administrators


This two hour workshop illustrates how teachers can weave the Mathematical Practice Standards with the Content Standards. Participants will engage in a mathematically rigorous lesson from the Mathematics Assessment Project: Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

Teacher Leaders and Professional Development Coordinators to use this PowerPoint and these documents to run a workshop that will illustrate how to implement an exemplar CCSS-M lesson. Familiarity with the Practice and Content Standards is a pre-requisite.

Materials Necessary:

  1. Math 6-8: The Standards in Practice: A Common Core Lesson PowerPoint and facilitator’s guide
  2. Poster paper, markers, tape, scissors, internet connection, projector
  3. Handouts listed in the facilitator’s guide

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