Math PARCC Model Content Frameworks: Teachers' Guides & Presentation

Intended Audience:

Classroom Teachers, Curriculum Specialists, Math Coaches, PD Coordinators, District and Building Administrators


This brochure gives an explanation of what PARCC’s Model Content Frameworks (MCF) are and how to use them. These document provide quick explanations of each section of the grade level portion of the MCF listed below. In addition to the Teachers' Guides, there are presentations explaining how to use the PARCC Model Content Frameworks.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

  1. Teachers could use this as an introduction to the MCF for their grade level. 
  2. Administrators could use this as a tool to frame the MCF.
  3. Curriculum Specialists, Math Coaches and Professional Development Coordinators could use this tool to lead a workshop on using the MCF.

This document is available in both Word and PDF format.

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