Checklist for the Critical Areas of Mathematics-Grades K-5

Intended Audience:

Classroom Teachers Grades K-5


This document provides support for teachers as they as transition to Common Core Standards. It draws attention to the most critical skills for their grade. If more detailed information is needed, teachers should refer to the Common Core State Standards for a deeper understanding and more detailed information. The CCSS can be found on the ISBE website or at

Suggested Use for these Documents:

  1. Teachers could assess their students on the topics that have been deemed critical areas for their grade (K – 5). These are not all the topics to be taught, but should be emphasized as critical areas for the Math Common Core Standards. 
  2. Teachers could use the document to record each child’s progress in the critical areas.
  3. Teachers could use the Checklist as a guide as they modify their instruction to better align to CCSS.

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The document is in Microsoft Word, so teachers should feel free to modify to best meet their needs.

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