Learning Supports: Engagement Webinar for the (Math) Classroom

Intended Audience:

(Math) Teachers, Coaches, Professional Development Coordinators


  1. 33 minute standalone webinar which defines student engagement and disengagement. Additionally, opportunities are provided for reflection on engagement strategies found within the Common Core Mathematical Practices 1, 3, & 4.

    Dr. Robert Mann, Associate Professor at Western Illinois University, developed and delivered this Keynote for the 2012 Regional Common Core Math Conference in Springfield, IL.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

Materials Necessary:

  1. 33 minute Webinar needs computer with internet connection (headphones if necessary).
    1. URL link to Webinar
    2. 6 printed handouts
      1. Reflection Tool 1
      2. Reflection Tool 2
      3. Reflection Tool 3
      4. Filled out worksheet
      5. Collegial Discussions handout
      6. Engagement Newsletter

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