Learning Supports: Collaboration in the Common Core Classroom

Intended Audience:

Teachers, Coaches, Professional Development Coordinators


  1. 45 minute face to face facilitated training to continue increasing capacity of coordinators, coaches, and teachers for student collaboration skill building. This professional development session includes connections to CCSS ELA/MATH/and Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards.

Suggested Use for these Documents:

Materials Necessary:

  1. 45 minute Face to Face Training needs:
    1. Facilitator Guide, Slides, Notes
    2. Computer with internet access
    3. Projector (Screen if no blank wall is available)
    4. Chart Paper for questions/ideas/parking lot
    5. Large Post-IT notes for each table/small group
    6. Markers or pens for each table/small group
    7. Handouts and resources for each table/small group are extensive for this professional development session. PLEASE review resources attached. Initial development of resources may take 8 hours and cost up to $50. – ALL would be reusable. Additional option is to contact Learning Supports Specialist throughout the state (www.isbe.net/learningsupports) who have Collaboration Resource Kits for loan.

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