English Language Arts: Foundational Knowledge Needs Assessment (Intermediate)

Intended Audience:

School/District Leaders, Curriculum Directors, Teacher Leaders


This Needs Assessment is designed to be utilized with staff as an intermediate survey of what level of knowledge staff members have regarding the English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core State Standards (CCSS), supporting ELA CCSS documents, and other resources. Once completed, leaders will be able to assess the data collected and make decisions regarding what professional development needs are necessary for their district.

Suggested Use for this Document:

  1. District/school leadership may use this document to independently analyze the current level of implementation as well as identify areas of need.
  2. District/school leadership may distribute this document to staff to provide an overview of current levels of implementation and areas of future need.
  3. District leadership may distribute this document to school building leadership to provide an accurate representation of the district's level of Common Core Standards implementation and areas of future need.

Instructions and explanations for the Document:

  1. After distribution, participants mark a 'yes/no' in the appropriate box next to their question. An evidentiary box is also listed as a suggestion. This portion can assist with organization for staff members by including such items as a date upon completion or attaching documents that might serve as a collection bank for grade levels. Fostering a climate of honest marks by participants will yield the most accurate results for professional development needs.
  2. When categorizing a yes or no question, a suggested practice is only marking the event yes once the event is completed. This will assist the leader in classifying whether more time is to be provided to complete an event before moving on to other professional development needs.
  3. When categorizing a 1, 2, or 3 in the professional development area, the suggested key should be utilized:
    1. = fully implemented
    2. = in process
    3. = just beginning process
  4. Once questions have been answered, many of the tools referenced in the needs assessment will be available for use through links or attachments through this document.

The document is in Microsoft Word, feel free to modify it to best meet your needs.

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