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The NILS Professional Learning Series

The professional learning series is a tool designed to help district personnel facilitate and maintain the implementation of the New Illinois Learning Standards (NILS). There are three levels within the framework, each of which contains tools and resources aligned to the appropriate phase of implementation described by each category. A short description of each level is given below. Simply read the description, CLICK THE LEVEL HEADING, and begin engaging with resources.

The second level of NILS implementation includes content designed to build knowledge and application for teachers and staff. This level consists of materials developed for the purpose of building capacity collaboratively and individually so that teachers are prepared to apply their understanding to classroom practices. Resources within this level correspond to the four dimensions of the Educators Evaluating Quality Instructional Products Rubric (EQuIP) and PARCC assessment readiness.

Level 3 - Deep Understanding and Integration


This level represents a deep understanding of the standards, knowledge of the instructional shifts for math and ELA and a commitment to integrating assessment and instructional supports.

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