Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 3:59 PM
Subject: Special Message Regarding Teacher Certification 6-4-04
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We have put together a special message this week regarding teacher certification. There are new rules for certification and assignment for Illinois educators, an interpretation of NCLB criteria for veteran teachers, as well as other important developments. We have made two versions of relevant documents that can be accessed as follows: (PDF Format) (Word Format)


This information is available at the Certificate Update page.


We hope that this information proves useful to you.


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Robert Schiller

State Superintendent

  of Education



What You Should Know about the New Certification Rules and about

Criteria for “Highly Qualified” Veteran Teachers


The amendments to Part 25 and Part 1 (rules for certification and assignment of educational staff) became effective on Juen 1, 2004. The final rules and copies of three new forms relevant to the rules will be placed on the ISBE website today through a special button on the front page and there will also be a link under the heading “Updated Information on Certification.” Forms are also available on the website at


The first attachment provides a summary of selected changes that we believe may have the most effect on your employment and assignment of staff. We urge you to review it and share it with your staff.


The second attachment is a comparison of the old and new requirements for paraprofessionals; this includes requirements for both state approval and qualification under NCLB.


The third attachment provides an interpretation of the options for determining whether veteran teachers can be considered “highly qualified” in relation to NCLB. This information should also be shared with your staff and used as a guide for employment and assignment.


Each of these attachments will be placed on the ISBE website and additional information on both topics will be forthcoming throughout the summer. Also available on the web is an update on the state testing program; see


The development of these rules took more than a year and included unique procedures such as a discussion draft that preceded the public comment version.  There have been many opportunities for input and reaction, and we are grateful to all who participated in that process. The final products are two sets of rules for certification and assignment of staff that are aligned with Illinois standards, consistent with and supportive of NCLB, focused on quality and significantly streamlined over previous rules.


Questions should be directed to


What You Should Know About Proposed Changes to Certificate Renewal

for Teachers and Administrators and the Requirements

for Standard Certificate Eligibility


In a previous message, we provided information about proposed changes to certificate renewal requirements for teachers and administrators, as well as the requirements for standard certificate eligibility. That summary is now available on the website.


Please note:  Since last week’s message, the relevant portions of the bill we referenced (SB 1553) have been moved to HB 929. That bill is still in the Senate and although we continue to expect its adoption, it has not yet been approved in both houses. We will keep you informed of its progress.