Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 4:45 PM
Subject: Weekly Message from State Superintendent Robert Schiller 7-1-04
Good afternoon,


This week’s message comes one day early in anticipation of anyone who may be taking time off for the holiday weekend.


Well it’s July 1st and the news here is that we have started Fiscal Year 2005 without a budget. I realize how this affects your ability to plan your own spending for the next school year accordingly and am hopeful that there will soon be a final resolution.


In the meantime I do have good news for what will happen this month. This afternoon both chambers of the General Assembly approved a 30-day interim budget that provides sufficient operations to continue for critical state agencies.


The measure now awaits the Governor’s signature.


In terms of elementary and secondary education, the measure provides sufficient appropriation authority to the Illinois State Board of Education to pay its July programs to school districts and Regional Offices of Education (ROEs) as well as fund agency operations. Please note that the Regional Safe Schools and the ROE services line was not included in the interim budget; however, ROE salaries will be paid. This will also ensure our ability to pay districts who receive funds under the Extended Learning Opportunities (Bridges) program (see page 9 of the following document:


Despite the interim budget it is obvious that the process is fluid when it comes to what will happen for elementary and secondary education funding for next year.


I also wanted to let you know the advanced 23rd and the 24th General State Aid payments and reimbursements for the Mandated Categorical Grants have been paid over the past ten days by the Comptroller’s office. For those districts that receive funds through an intermediary authority, please check with them if you have not yet received those payments.


With these last GSA payments, some of you may have noticed that the Hold Harmless portion was prorated. We spent the last six months requesting a supplemental appropriation to cover the $7.6 million shortfall. It failed to gain approval last month. We are hopeful that the General Assembly may reconsider and approve the measure, which would allow us to reimburse those affected districts.


As always as soon as there is a final FY05 budget to share with you, I will pass it on. I hope each of you has an enjoyable Independence Day weekend.


Robert Schiller

State Superintendent

  of Education


Today’s message includes:

·         Student Assessment Data Verification

·         Assessment Frameworks Update

·         2004 Report Card 986-43 Data Collection Now Available

·         NCLB Title Programs Performance Reports

·         Prekindergarten At-Risk Program Evaluation Report for FY03

·         Nonpublic Facility Placement Contract – Form 19-83

·         NCLB newsclips from other states

·         Newsclips


Student Assessment Data Verification

The first window for verifying 2004 state assessment data on Pearson’s Schoolhouse system closed on Monday, June 28.  By this date, district superintendents were to have reviewed and approved demographic data that were collected on answer documents of tested students and first-day-of-testing enrollment data that were previously entered by districts on SchoolHouse (March 22-May 21).


During the second correction window (July 27-August 21), district superintendents will be able to review preliminary school and district score reports—for ISAT, PSAE, IMAGE, and IAA—and, if desired, print reports for local use.  Any requests from schools or districts to rescore tests for individual students should be made during this period.  District superintendents will also be able to review and make any additional needed corrections to enrollment and student demographic data.  However, to make these changes during this second window, district superintendents will need to request special access by calling Pearson at 800-627-7990, state code 814.


AYP participation will be recalculated for every school after the first correction window closes, and a recalculated Preliminary AYP Participation Report will be available for review on SchoolHouse during the second correction window (July 27- August 21st).  All districts will need to look at their data during this window and approve the recalculation.


When the second window closes on August 21, only data that have been approved by the district superintendent in SchoolHouse—and that did not subsequently change, which requires reapproval—will be used to produce final score reports and to calculate final AYP participation.


There will be NO additional opportunities after August 21 for district superintendents to review and approve their 2004 state assessment data.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the Student Assessment Division at 217/782-4823.


Assessment Frameworks Update

The Assessment Frameworks are the blueprints for the state tests that will be designed and administered beginning in 2006.  These frameworks are not intended to be the curriculum guide but instead provide districts with guidelines to what and when areas of the Illinois State Standards will be assessed.


The Frameworks were posted last spring in order to move the process along in our test design process.  Through this process, however, practitioners have had input and guidance on items and focus in these documents.   Therefore, the Student Assessment Division is in the process of including this input for the Frameworks in writing, math and science.  We will put these revised documents on the website in the near future for districts use.


We appreciate greatly the input and work that we have received from practitioners around the state in order to provide frameworks that reflect the standards.  Again, if  you have questions, please contact the Student Assessment division.


2004 School Report Card 986-43 Data Collection Now Available

The School Report Card data collection form 86-43, is now available through IWAS.  The due date for submitting the data to ISBE is August 16, 2004. If you have questions, please call the ISBE Call Center at 217-558-3600 M-F 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


NCLB Title Programs Performance Reports

Attention superintendents: As of June 30, approximately 400 districts have not completed and submitted the required NCLB Title Programs Performance Report for school year 2002-2003. If your district received any funds from Title I, Title II, Title IV, or Title V in school year 2002-2003, the report must be completed by July 16. Failure to do so may cause funds for 2004-2005 to be frozen. If you have any questions, please call the System of Support at 217-524-4832


Prekindergarten At-Risk Program Evaluation Report for FY03

The PreKindergarten At-Risk Program Evaluation report for fiscal year 2003 is now available on line at


Nonpublic Facility Placement Contract – Form 19-83

Attention Directors of Special Education:  The ISBE Form 19-83 (Nonpublic Facility Placement Contract) is now available in a PDF format on the ISBE Web site.  This form can be completed online and then printed.  This improvement to our online system was a direct result of input from the field for a more “user-friendly” system.  If you have any problems or questions, please contact Chuck Seybold, Private Residential Placement Coordinator, at 217/782-5589.  The form can be accessed at:


NCLB newsclips from other states