Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 10:07 AM
To: Regional Superintendents and Special Education Directors District Superintendents
Subject: Budget Update from State Superintendent Robert Schiller 7-25-03

Good morning.


At its special meeting late yesterday afternoon, the state board authorized me to take the necessary steps to bring our agency’s FY04 budget expenditures in line with available appropriations, the level of which recently was reduced by the Governor’s use of his line item veto authority. The news release we distributed after the meeting, along with supporting materials, can be viewed as follows:


News release

Detailed description of the effect on agency programs

Graph of the agency headcount from FY85 to FY03

As you will see when you read those documents, the impact of the cuts will be severe in some program areas. The fact is that these cuts, which were very precisely identified by the Governor without seeking input from ISBE, will eliminate far more than administrative expenditures. They will eliminate some services that are very important to many groups and individuals in our state.


I will keep you fully informed of developments involving these cuts. My regular weekly Friday message to you will resume a week from today.


Robert Schiller

State Superintendent

   of Education