Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 3:05 PM
Subject: Report Card Message from the State Superintendent

Good afternoon,

This is to update you on activities related to the Report Cards. We have been working closely with Deloitte Consulting to deliver the data to schools and districts this week.

If you read the weekly message you know that this is the first year the process is completely electronic. It is also one of the major components of our data warehouse initiative that includes the e-Grant Management System and Student Identifiers. The process this year is being managed by Deloitte which is building the format and plugging in the data.

Staff in Data Assessment have been working late hours and over the weekend to ensure accuracy of this year’s report. I deeply appreciate the hard work put in by everyone, in particular, Andy Metcalf, Richard Yong, Connie Wise, Shuwan Chiu, Warren Summers, Lynne Curry and Clay Slagle who came in over the weekend to keep the verification process going.

At this point, the State Report card reflecting statewide results, is close to completion and is expected to be available to us this afternoon and may be released to media as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). The District and School Report Cards still have some verifications that need to be addressed and are expected to be accessible online to districts as early as Wednesday.

Please join me in thanking Data Assessment for their diligence.