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Professional Development

The Division of English Language Learning (DELL) of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) provides various professional development resources related ELLs to meet the needs of districts, schools, and educators serving ELLs in the State of Illinois.


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  •  FY 16 Annual Bilingual Program Directors’ Meeting - September 16-17, 2015 - Save the Date!

    The Division of English Language Learning (DELL) will hold a two-day meeting required for all program directors of TBE/TPI and Title Ill (LIPLEPS/Immigrant Education) programs. The purpose of this annual meeting is to address topics related to the implementation of programs serving English learners and to provide a forum where you can discuss these issues with other directors and experts in the field.
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  •  New Leadership Workshop - August 3-4, 2015

    DELL is pleased to announce that our annual New Leadership Workshop for EL Administrators will be held on Monday and Tuesday, August 3 & 4, 2015 in Bloomington, IL.

    DELL will offer a series of presentations and workshops geared to support English Learner Program (EL) Directors and Administrators who are new to their positions or the field of English learners, or have been working with the EL program in the district for a shorter period of time. These presentations will cover aspects of our state rules and requirements, federal legislation, and day-to-day practice with the state.

    DELL has received very positive feedback from previous participants about this Institute and how it has been helpful for them in gaining an overview of rules and requirements, administrative procedures related to the EL program, as well as a program models and other considerations related to working with English Learners.

    Please contact Anna Szuber ( for more information about the workshops and how to register.

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  • Archived Conferences

Webinars and Presentations

  • Application Webinar TBE/TPI/Title III - 2015

  • Assessment Updates

  • Implementing the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs (10/17/12)
  • ELL 101 Series

    The webinars serve as an introduction for ELL and general education teachers, administrators, and program directors who are new to ELLs; or as a refresher for more experienced teachers, administrators, or program directors.

    Two tutorials are available for ELL administrators:
  • Tutorial: EL 101 Introduction to English Learners
  • Tutorial: EL 101 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

  • To access the webinar archive, visit the WIDA Download Library at Scroll to the State/District Webinars section in the lower right corner, choose Illinois and click 'Show'. Once you expand that section you will see the following Illinois-specific webinars.
  • Standards Overview (Click Site)
  • Assessment Overview (Please contact your District’s ELL Program Director or ACCESS Test Coordinator for login information)
  • Interpreting ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports (Please contact your District’s ELL Program Director or ACCESS Test Coordinator for login information)
  • Spanish Language Arts Standards (Click Site)
  • National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA)

    Archived webinars and PowerPoint presentations. NCELA Webinars provide participants from around the country an opportunity to hear expert speakers present research on all aspects of ELL education
  • Spanish Language Development Webinars

    Several webinars are offered focusing on the newly released Spanish Language Development (SLD) Standards for PreK - 12 and the PODER™ Spanish language development assessment for Kindergarten.

  • Introduction to the new SLD standards and their framework components and the PODER for Kindergarten assessment video format (26:34)
    WIDA is proud to announce the release of a new series of standards and assessments for students receiving content instruction in Spanish. The Spanish Language Development (SLD) Standards are available for PreK - 12 and the PODER™ assessment is available for Kindergarten. Participants of this thirty minute webinar will be introduced to the new SLD standards and their framework components, and they will also learn about the PODER™ for Kindergarten assessment. The target audience for the webinar includes educators that work in bilingual programs, early childhood practitioners and specialists, and administrators.

  • Los estándares del desarrollo lingüístico del español de WIDA y la prueba PODER™ video format (31:05)
    WIDA se enorgullece en anunciar el lanzamiento de una nueva serie de estándares y evaluaciones para los estudiantes que reciben instrucción de materias en español. Las normas del desarrollo del lenguaje español (DLE) están disponibles para Pre-K - 12 y la evaluación PODER™ está disponible para kínder. Se presentarán las nuevas normas de DLE y sus componentes. En estos treinta minutos también se ofrecerá información sobre la prueba PODER™ para kínder. La audiencia principal para este seminario son los educadores que trabajan en programas bilingües, profesionales y especialistas de educación temprana y administradores.

  • Introducción al sistema de estándares para el desarrollo lingüístico del español para Pre-K hasta el Grado 12 video format (1:23:24)
    Esta presentación se enfocará en el sistema de estándares para la adquisición del español dentro del contexto de pre-kínder hasta el grado 12. Maya Martínez-Hart y Mariana Castro, presentarán los estándares diseñados para niños en pre-escolar así como los estándares para estudiantes en Kínder hasta grado 12. El enfoque de estos dos documentos es apoyar los contextos en los cuales los niños y estudiantes aprenden en el idioma español, así como los individuos que trabajan con los niños y estudiantes en estos contextos. La presentación mostrará la organización y el uso de ambos estándares como herramientas para enfocar la enseñanza en el desarrollo del idioma español. Invitamos a practicantes, docentes, administradores y cualquier individuo que trabaje en contextos en el cual se usa el español como vehículo para la enseñanza a que nos acompañe 90 minutos en una discusión sobre el lenguaje y sobre la educación actual y futura de estudiantes con el maravilloso regalo del multilingüismo.
  • Targeted Technical Assistance for ISBE-DELL Identified School Districts