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Interactive Informational Session for Administrators (5/6/16)

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EL Program Administrators’ Training and Conferences

Annual Bilingual Program Directors’ Meeting

The Division of English Language Learning (DELL) will hold a two-day meeting required for all program directors of TBE/TPI and Title Ill (LIPLEPS/Immigrant Education) programs. The purpose of this annual meeting is to address topics related to the implementation of programs serving English learners and to provide a forum where you can discuss these issues with other directors and experts in the field.

New Leadership Workshop

The Division of English Language Learning (DELL) will hold a New Leadership Workshop for new EL Program Directors.  The workshop is geared to support English Learner (EL) Program Directors, Coordinators, and/or Administrators who are new to their position or the field of English learners, or have been working with the EL programs for a short period of time.  Previous participants have found this workshop helpful in gaining an overview of rules and requirements, administrative procedures related to the EL program, as well as a program models and other considerations related to working with English Learners.