February 5, 2014

ISBE DELL Special Edition Newsletter 2014.254 - ACCESS for ELLs Testing Schedule Extension

This special edition ISBE DELL Newsletter will focus on assessment. Please take a few minutes to review the information below along with the attached schedule.

ACCESS for ELLs Testing Schedule Extension

Due to the severe weather conditions that many districts have experienced during the current ACCESS administration,  ISBE is extending the administration window for one week. Testing and return shipping deadlines are now seven calendar days later than those in your currently approved schedule.  Use of this extra time is optional, not required.  Please, return your ACCESS and Alternate ACCESS materials for scoring as soon as possible to minimize any delay in processing by MetriTech.  

Contact UPS to arrange your material pickup, 800-823-7459.

For questions about testing or the time extension, contact ISBE at 866-317-6034. 

Questions about materials and shipping should be directed to MetriTech, 800-747-4868.