February 3, 2011

ISBE DELL E-Broadcast 2011.200 – FY12 English Language Learning (ELL) Programs Consolidated Application & Workshops

The FY12 ELL Enrollment Summary and Ceiling Calculator for this year will incorporate several components in addition to what was collected in the FY11 application. This includes staff qualifications and assignments; program models for each attendance center; and the Immigrant Education Program (IEP) private school student count.

In light of these additions, the Division of English Language Learning (DELL) has scheduled a series of training workshops to provide guidance for districts in accessing and completing Part 1 of the FY12 consolidated application. Please visit www.isbe.net/bilingual under “Hot Topics” for more information.

New TBE/TPI program directors or anyone with additional questions who may have participated in training provided for the completion of the FY11 consolidated application are strongly encouraged to attend.

If you have any question(s), please contact the Division of English Language Learning at (312) 814‐3850.