March 18, 2009

ISBE DELL e-Broadcast 2009.152 - 2009 Bilingual Education Program Delivery Report Available on IWAS

The 2009 Bilingual Education Program Delivery Report (PDR) is now available on IWAS.  Every school district or educational agency that has limited English proficient (LEP) students enrolled this school year (2008-2009) is required to submit this report to ISBE, per 23 Illinois Administrative Code 228.40(c)(2). 

The deadline for submitting the completed report is Tuesday, June 30. 

The guide for reporting the PDR on IWAS is available at User Guide.pdf.

For questions about using the PDR IWAS application, contact the ISBE Help Desk at 217-558-3600. For questions about completing the PDR, contact Lilibeth Q. Gumia at 217-782-3950 or