January 8, 2009

ISBE DELL e-Broadcast 2009.142- ACCESS for ELLs™ Sample Items for Grades 1—12

Dear Educators Serving English Language Learners:

This message is being sent by the Division of English Language Learners on behalf of the WIDA Central team.

WIDA is pleased to announce the first release of a set of ACCESS for ELLs™ Sample Items for grades 1-12.  The sample items are free and available to the general public at: www.wida.us/sampleitems

By releasing these test questions, we hope to foster awareness of how this academic English language proficiency assessment operates. We believe that this understanding will benefit all stakeholders in the education of English language learners, from students themselves and their families to teachers and administrators, as well as those providing pre-service and in-service opportunities for educators.  The publication is formatted to showcase how ACCESS for ELLs™ test items relate directly to the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards upon which they are based, creating a system that allows teachers to use the ELP standards in conjunction with test results to target the language objectives that students need to advance their proficiency. As is the case in the actual test, these sample items are in full color.

This publication is not in any way equivalent to a test form and should not be used for assessing students. In future years, we will be releasing more items to fill out the range of grade levels, proficiency levels, domains, and content areas that are addressed in the assessment.

WIDA hopes that this publication will be a valuable addition to the resources available at www.wida.us for the purpose of informing educators about WIDA's mission to develop standards-based assessment and curriculum and instruction materials that will prepare students for linguistic and academic success.