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September 20, 2007

ISBE DELL e-Broadcast 2007.71: Increase in Title III LIPLEPS and IEP Funding for FY08,....NOW Available!!

Dear Bilingual Education Directors:

The final FY08 per student dollar allocation has been determined for Title III LIPLEPS and IEP funding.

  • If your district applied for FY08 LIPLEPS funds at the initial level of $100 per student, the final LIPLEPS amount is now $159 per student.
  • If your district applied for FY08 IEP funds at the initial level of $125 per student, the final IEP amount is now $270 per student.

PLEASE revise your Title III budgets (LIPLEPS and IEP) upwards as soon as possible. The Title III budgets will not be approved at the initial level requested. Please note that:

  • Your revised LIPLEPS and/or revised IEP budgets will be considered REVISED INITIAL BUDGETS, not budget amendments.
  • File your final FY07 expenditure reports ASAP to see if you also have FY07 carryover funds available in FY08.
  • Please plan to revise your Title III budget(s) up to the full amount of ALL available funds shown on FRIS. (FY07 Carryover & FY08)
  • The full FY08 allocations will be available soon on FRIS.
  • You can access the budget forms from your FY08 application which should still be found on your desktop.
  • If you plan to purchase equipment that costs more than $500 per unit, your REVISED INITIAL BUDGET will have to include a Rationale for Equipment Purchase Request form, which is also available in the FY08 application.

If you have any questions on how to file an initial revised budget or any questions on your district’s specific funding level, please call your principal consultant at 312-814-3850. The list of districts/ISBE DELL consultants is available at:

If you have questions on the appropriate uses of Title III funds, please call your principal consultant.

Special Instructions for LIPLEPS Cooperatives:

  • If you are the administrative agent for a LIPLEPS cooperative, please call all your cooperative member districts and tell them that the per LIPLEPS pupil amount has been revised upwards from $100 to $159 per child. Please ask each member district for a revised initial budget at the new upwards amount. List the name(s) of the member(s) and their new LIPLEPS totals in 4100/700 on your revised initial budget. Also include copies of their new budgets with your submission.
  • If you are a member district in a LIPLEPS cooperative, please call your administrative agent district and provide the agent district with a revised initial budget for the use of your LIPLEPS funds.

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