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April 2, 2007

ISBE DELL e-Broadcast 2007.59 - ESL/Bilingual Teacher Shortage: A One Item Survey

Dear Program Directors:

We are currently looking into the extent of the bilingual teacher shortage in Illinois school districts with TBE/TPI Programs. In order for us to identify the number of districts experiencing a shortage of bilingual teachers, we would like to request your assistance by responding to a one-question YES/NO survey.

Have you experienced and/or currently experiencing ESL/Bilingual teacher shortage in your school district?

We would greatly appreciate if you can respond to this one question survey on or before Thursday, April 4, 2007. We are aware that some of you may be on Spring Break this week and may not get this e-mail on time. However, please feel free to send in your response when you return from your Spring Break.

Thank you for participating in the bilingual teacher shortage one-question survey.


Heda D. Tercias
Principal Consultant
Division of English Language Learning

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