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December 5, 2006
(Revised 1/5/07)

ISBE DELL e-Broadcast 2006.45 - Assessing Limited English Proficient Students: A CRITICAL Reminder

Assessing Limited English Proficient Students

Section 14C-3 of the School Code and Section 228.25(c) (1) and (3) of the Administrative Code require school districts to assess each student who has been identified as having limited English proficiency.

All identified LEP students must be assessed during the annual ACCESS examination each year until he or she achieves a “proficient” score and meets any additional indicators established by the district to determine LEP status.

As a result, Friday, January 12, 2007 has been established as the final date for identifying LEP students for the FY07 ACCESS examination.

School districts are strongly encouraged to see and for links to ACCESS; the annual examination for English language proficiency.

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