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Adequate Yearly Progress

How Illinois Calculates AYP

AYP will be calculated once the report card data are submitted and approved by local superintendents and all of the assessment scores are available for the school. The assessment data should be considered final unless errors are identified or rescoring is requested.


The 2010 performance target is at least 77.5% Meeting/Exceeding standards for reading and mathematics for all students and each subgroup.

A 95% confidence interval will be applied for all students and/or subgroups with less than 77.5% Meeting/Exceeding standards.

Safe Harbor allows schools an alternate method to meet subgroup minimum targets on achievement.

The following is how Safe Harbor is calculated:

  • A minimum size of 45 students in the same subgroup for two years in a row is necessary to apply safe harbor.
  • If a subgroup does not meet the performance target in either subject,
  • AND the same subgroup decreased by 10% the percentage of scores that did not meet state standards from the previous year,
  • AND the subgroup meet the other indicators (see below) for the subgroup.
  • THEN Safe Harbor can be applied.


"At least 95% tested in reading and mathematics for every student group. If the current year participation rate is less than 95%, this condition may be met if the average of the current and preceding year rates is at least 95%, or if the average of the current and two preceding years is at least 95%.

Other Indicator:

At least 91% attendance rate for non-high schools and at least 80% graduation rate for high schools.

The Illini Equal Steps chart shows the progress students need to make annually to reach the goal of 100% proficient in reading and mathematics by 2013-2014.