March 7, 2014

PARCC Field Test Technology Updates and Support

  • Please see the attached document from PARCC with instruction to PARCC’s optional “Tech Prep Week.” PARCC has created this opportunity to support and encourage Field Test participants to prepare your networks, computers, staff, and students prior to the testing windows. This is certainly not required, but participation information is available in the attachment.

  • Yesterday, during Pearson’s PARCC Field Test Technology Forum Webinar, several districts from throughout the nation expressed that they are having trouble with the test freezing when their students used Internet Explorer. The PARCC team is investigating these issues and we would like to encourage anyone who is considering using Internet Explorer during the field test to participate in the “Tech Prep Week.”

  • Additionally, please see the attached weekly technology update communication from PARCC.

  • On yesterday’s SIS webinar, a question was raised about creating test sessions on PearsonAccess (only necessary for computer-based testing). For information on this, please see the PearsonAccess User Guide or last week’s ISBE Twice-Monthly Field Test Update Webinar.

  • There is an update to Appendix G of the Test Coordinator Manual. Shipping materials will be shipped to the LEA Test Coordinator (not the School Test Coordinator).