March 25, 2014

Subject: Important PARCC Field Test Administration Procedure Alerts

Procedures for Logging Students Out of a Test Session

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Dear Spring 2014 PARCC Field Test Participants,

The purpose of this communication is to address an issue that some schools experienced today with difficulty logging students into a second test session in the Performance-Based Assessment (PBA).

The Problem: When logging into the second test session, students receive the following error message: “Msg 9025: This test has been completed and may not be taken again.”

Why the Problem Occurs: When they select the “Submit Final Answers” button instead of the “Save and Return Later” button before they complete the entire PBA, students will be unable to re-enter TestNav to begin the second test session in math or the second or third test session for ELA.

How to Avoid the Problem:

Math PBA
Enter 1st Seal Code
Enter 1st Seal Code
Literary Analysis Session
Session 1 (Part 1)*
Save and Return Later
Session 1 (Part 2)
Enter 2nd Seal Code
Save and Return Later
Research Simulation Session
Enter 2nd Seal Code
Save and Return Later
Session 2
Enter 3rd Seal Code
Student Survey
Narrative Writing Session
Submit Final Answers
Student Survey
Submit Final Answers

*For grades 6-high school a seal code will be required for Session 1 prior to Part 1 and not Part 2. Session 1 for grades 3-5 contains one part and the seal code will appear at the beginning of the session.

Attached, please find a copy of the instructions from the Test Administrator Manual with the addition of screen shots of the TestNav platform embedded. Schools may, but are not required to, enlarge and post this document in the testing room during administration of Session 1 for the Math PBA and Sessions 1 and 2 for the ELA PBA.

How to Address the Problem After it Occurs: If a student accidentally selects the “Submit Final Answers” button prior to the final test session of the PBA (e.g. after the Narrative Writing Session of the ELA PBA or Session 2 of the Math PBA), the student will receive the following error message when the attempt to log back in to TestNav: “Msg 9025: This test has been completed and may not be taken again.”

If this occurs, the school will need to contact the Pearson Support Center at 1-888-493-9888 to manually unsubmit the student responses, allowing the student to proceed with the next session.

PARCC Support

For more information regarding PARCC and the 2014 Field Test, please visit the PARCC website at If you have questions regarding the administration of the PARCC Field Test, please contact Pearson’s PARCC Support Center: 1-888-493-9888 (open Monday through Friday, 6:00am to 8:00pm CST) or

Pearson PARCC Program Team