June 20, 2014

2014 ISAT Scores Posted on IWAS Grades 3 - 8

ISAT 2014 scores on the Student Information System (SIS)

The 2014 preliminary results for ISAT are now available for district review in SIS. With the change in the ISAT cut scores this year, ISBE staff required additional time to review the results prior to posting for school district review and correction activities. The correction window ends Monday, July 7 at 4 PM.

Assessment Correction File.

Please immediately review your data for any errors or omissions.
Assessment Correction will close on Monday, July 7 at 4 PM.
There will be no extensions.

Checking your Data:

Examine both Summary and Detail Assessment Score Reports for errors and missing students.

Assessment Score Summary Report:

Check the total students tested and compare this count to the count of students you know took the test in your school or district.  A student that tested in your district needs to be on your assessment file in order for their scores to be posted.  If an assessment score cannot be initially matched by the system to the SIS student record (such as if the test label could not be read correctly), the related assessment test score will initially appear unassigned.  Proceeding through the Assessment Correction process will allow the system to match the record and include it in the Assessment Correction file that will be sent to the vendor.

Once you have added missing students to your report, contact the ISBE Help Desk at 217-558-3600 to have their scores moved to your district.

Assessment Score Detail Report:

If a student has no score and/or is not included on your Unassigned Test Results Report, but you know they tested, contact the ISBE Help Desk so the score can be located.

If a student did NOT test in your district, please provide the reason code in your assessment file or use the online Assessment Correction functionality in SIS. Contact the ISBE Help Desk for any additional assistance.


How do I find out if I have students with scores that are on my districts unassigned list, and how do I match these students to their scores?

  1. Login to SIS via IWAS.
  2. Click Reports on the SIS Home Page.
  3. Click on the Plus Sign (+) next to Student Assessment to expand the selection.
  4. Click on Unassigned Test Results (under the Detail section),
  5. Click on Create PDF Report to display report.
  6. If students are listed on the report, identify if they belong to your district.
  7. Add or update students that belong to your district in your Assessment Correction file.
  8. Wait overnight to allow our matching process to run to attach your students to their scores.
  9. The following day if the students still appear on the Unassigned Test Results, call the ISBE Help Desk at 217-558-3600 and we will help connect the remaining scores to the students' records.

How do I verify the assessment information for my district in SIS?

View the Assessment Score Detail Report in SIS.

  1. Login to SIS via IWAS.
  2. Click on Reports on the SIS Home Page.
  3. Click the Plus Sign (+) next to Assessment to expand the selection.
  4. Select the Assessment Scores (Scale Score and Performance Level Only) Detail Report.
  5. Select All Tests and click Next.
  6. Select Report Criteria (Click the Sort By dropdown and choose Error).
  7. Click Create PDF Report to display report.

How can I correct the assessment information for my district?

  1. Data can be corrected online via the Assessment Correction functionality in SIS or through the batch process (Request File)
    1. Districts may add students that tested.
    2. Districts may mark students as "Not Tested" that did not test.
    3. Districts may add missing assessment information as well as update inaccurate information.

How do I request my district's Assessment Correction file?

  1. Login to SIS via IWAS.
  2. Click on Request File on the SIS Home Page.
  3. Choose Assessment Correction from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the grade level to be included in the file (3-8, 11, or all grades).
  5. Click on Request File at the bottom of the page.
  6. File will be available for download via the SIS Download File link.
  7. A user may only place one request for each file type within a one-hour timeframe.

How do I make assessment corrections on-line through IWAS/SIS?

  1. Login to SIS via IWAS.
  2. Click on Assessment on the SIS Home Page.
  3. Enter the student's SID and one of the following - Last Name, First Name, or Date of Birth.
  4. Enter or update the student's assessment information.
  5. Review the student's assessment information for accuracy.
  6. Click Submit to complete the update.

Which "Reason for Not Testing" should I use if a student should have been classified as a private school student in SIS but was not?

In this scenario, use reason code 16, "Part-Time Enrollment (Exempt from State Testing for Applicable Content Areas)".

FYI, students that are actually set as private school students in SIS should already have a reason code of 18 "PSS-SIS Use Only (Exempt from State Testing)" applied.

How do I merge or invalidate scores?

Scores can be invalidated by calling the ISBE Help Desk at 217-558-3600.