September 25, 2013

PARCC Field Testing Update

Thanks to all of you who have responded to Pearson's letter to participate in the PARCC field test!  We have many districts that have not responded to this invitation. An email was sent to the Superintendent of all potential participants on September 12th.  We understand that everyone is very busy and this may have been inadvertently overlooked.  We have also learned that this email may have gone into a SPAM folder based on the filters that have been set on district email servers.  We are asking that superintendents please check their SPAM folder in their school email accounts to ensure that an email from Pearson inviting participation in the PARCC field test did not go to that folder.  Additionally, if this email was inadvertently overlooked, we are asking for Superintendents to review the letter and the attached form in order to get the information back to Pearson in a timely manner.