May 10, 2013

New Test Blueprint for the 2014 ISAT Reading and Mathematics Assessments

ISBE plans to map all items on the 2014 ISAT reading and mathematics assessments to Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The reading and mathematics assessments will be composed entirely of items written to CCSS.

The 2014 ISAT science assessments will be constructed using the existing science standards. However, the Stanford 10 portion of the assessments will be eliminated. The assessments will be constructed with items developed by Illinois educators.

For the 2013 ISAT results, the Stanford 10 assessment results will not appear on any of the paper reports produced by Pearson. The Stanford 10 results will be present in the electronic files each school district receives.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the assessment division at: 1-866-317-6034.