May 31, 2012

Illinois Alternate Assessment Scale Score Changes for 2012

Based on feedback from the U.S. Department of Education’s Peer Review of the Illinois Alternate Assessment (IAA), ISBE modified all items on the 2012 IAA. The modification resulted in a change to the rubric language. The new rubric language applies only to the score point of 4, the highest possible score. Previously, when a student initially responded incorrectly to a task, the student had a second opportunity to respond and possibly receive a score point of 4. The new rubric language removes the option to repeat the task after an incorrect response at a score point of 4.

In September 2011, the Illinois Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) made recommendations to ISBE for the IAA test design based on the modifications needed for the 2012 IAA assessment. This action necessitates changing the IAA scale score range in order to make clear that the 2012 IAA scale scores should not be compared to past IAA scale scores. 

Beginning in 2012, the IAA will be reporting scale scores for reading, mathematics, and science on the new scale of 801-999. This scale does not allow backward comparisons (by scale score) of students' performance on the IAA between the 2012 administration and previous administrations. Instead, the reset scale will allow forward comparisons (by scale score) between the 2012 and future administrations of the IAA.