March 4, 2011

Rulers packaged with Reader Script Kits – Grades 4 – 8 ISAT

There may be errors on the sheets of rulers included in the reader script kits.  There are eight rulers printed on each sheet of rulers.  There are perforations around each ruler and test administrators are to break the perforations to separate each ruler.

On some sheets of rulers that are packaged in the reader script kits, the perforation on the right side of the sheet could pass through part of the scale.  So if the rulers are separated along the perforation, part of the scale for inches or centimeters is cut off. 

Please examine the rulers on these sheets in the reader script kits for this problem.  If your sheet of rulers has this problem, do not use these rulers.  You may use other rulers that you were sent as overage.

If you do not have enough rulers for your students, please call Pearson at 888-705-9413 to order more rulers.

Please note:  

  1.  All students must have rulers available for all three sessions of the mathematics test.
  2. This only affects rulers packaged with the reader script kits.  Rulers sent as bundles of separated rulers are not affected.  Rulers sent in the other special format test kits (Braille, Large-Print, Audio CD-Rom, and Audiocassettes) are also not affected.

If you have other questions, please call the Illinois State Board of Education at 217/782-4823.