March 10, 2011

Pick-up schedule for the 2011 ISAT Test Administration

Because districts and other facilities were allowed to move their two-week test window one week later than its normal start, new pick-up days were established for the early, regular, and late test windows.  The new pick-up days are as follows:

Early Window – March 15
Regular Window – March 22
Late Window – March 29

The new pick-up days are for everyone.  They apply to those who remained on their original test window as well as those who moved their test window one week later.   For example, for the regular window, whether you kept the original window beginning on February 28 or tested in the revised window beginning on March 7, your new pick-up day was moved to March 22. 

Because of the deadlines the state has for posting ISAT scores and AYP status for schools the Illinois State Board of Education cannot approve test materials being picked up later than the days listed above for each window.

You may make arrangements with Pearson to have materials picked up earlier if you have completed testing early.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to approve a later pick up than is listed for each window.

We understand that this will put a burden on some districts, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this situation.