July 13, 2011

2011 Assessment Scores Report – Error Code 6 for PSAE Records

Error Code 6 = The grade of the test taken is different than the assessment correction detail report grade.

Due to the New ISBE Rule that became effective in January 2011, all PSAE score records in the 2011 Assessment Scores Report will be identified as grade 11 when scores are posted and will contribute to Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) participation and performance calculations, as appropriate.

Any student record in the 2011 Assessment Correction Report identified as being grade 12 will cause an error code of “6” to appear in the Assessment Scores Report. Districts are not required to adjust the grade level for these records in the Assessment Correction Report to grade 11 in order to eliminate the presence of this error code. Again, ISBE will not require districts to change this grade level. If districts edit the student record grade from 12 to 11 in the Assessment Correction Report, this will remove the error code 6, but again this is not required. If a student was truly in grade 12 at the time of testing and should not have tested, districts should contact ISBE to have the scores invalidated.

Any questions about PSAE data corrections should be directed to Megan Forness in the Division of Student Assessment by calling 217-782-4823 or sending an email inquiry to psae@isbe.net.