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April 15, 2010

PSAE Day 1 Answer Folder: Blocks I and J

Blocks I and J of the PSAE Day 1 (ACT Plus Writing) Answer Folder are pre-gridded with values that are accurate for grade 11 testers only.  Block I, “PRESENT GRADE” is pre-gridded with “11th” and Block J, “YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION” is pre-gridded with “2011.” This information will not be accurate for any grade 12 testers that participate in the PSAE.

Please note that the grade level for students will be captured from the Student Information System (SIS) and provided to ACT in the Pre-ID file. If the grade level in the SIS Pre-ID file indicates 12, then the “PRESENT GRADE” will indicate 12 and the “YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION” will indicate 2010 for ACT reporting. Please ensure that the grade level for all students in SIS is correct on the day of testing.  ACT will then use the ISBE- provided grade level if the answer document data matches to the correct student in the Pre-ID file.  Otherwise, values will default to grade 11 and graduation year 2011 on ACT reports.

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