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September 2, 2009

Accommodations for LEP Students Survey

If you are an educator who served LEP students during 2008-2009, ISBE is would appreciate your feedback regarding ISAT/PSAE testing accommodations for ELLs.  It is very similar to the survey conducted for ELL accommodations available during the spring 2008 administration.  It has two parts.

Part I is for test administrators and proctors who administered ISAT or PSAE to ELL students who received one or more, state approved, ELL accommodations. Please base your responses on students who received only ELL accommodations, not ELLs who were also given other kinds of accommodations (i.e., IEP or 504). Part I is relatively brief with predominantly numerical rating kinds of questions.

Part II asks you to write your comments, concerns, and suggestions, and it takes more time. Part II is for district or school staff substantially involved in ELL service delivery and the state assessment, but who may not have been test administrators or proctors.

Part I respondents are welcome to also complete Part II, but it's not required.

It is not required to respond to every question on either Part I or Part II.

Below are the web links to the survey.  They will be open for responses until September 23, 2009, 5 pm central time.

Part One

Part Two

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