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October 30, 2009

ACCESS Test Materials and Shipping Schedule Adjustment for 2009-2010

For the 2009-2010 testing cycle, the listening/reading/writing materials will not be shipped separately from the Kindergarten/speaking materials.† Districts and CPS schools will receive one shipment of materials to conduct ACCESS testing for all four domains, and these materials should be kept on hand until all domains have been administered.† A new schedule document reflecting this adjustment is now posted on the ISBE website at† It shows the same dates for testing, but modifies the shipping dates. †This schedule change means that:

There will be just one shipment of ACCESS materials to districts and CPS schools from MetriTech.† There will not be a separate shipment of speaking materials.

  • There will be just one test booklet for each student that contains all four ACCESS domains.† Use this booklet for the studentsí ACCESS testing until all domains have been completed.
  • There will be just one Pre-ID label for each student taking ACCESS.
  • There will be just one return shipment of ACCESS materials back to MetriTech.† You may return ACCESS materials early if you are ready.† Itís not necessary to hold them for the entire six weeks.† However, all material should be returned at the same time.† Do not send partial shipments.
  • If you have questions, contact Barry Pedersen (, 217-782-4823) or Boon Lee (, 312-814-3850).

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