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March 3, 2009

CRITICAL INFORMATION Administration of the 2009 ISAT Tests

Grade 6 Mathematics Reader Scripts

There is a printing error in the grade 6 mathematics reader script.  Page 10 of the reader script does not appear between pages 9 and 11.  Rather, page 10 appears between pages 44 and 45.

Session 1:

After you have read page 9 to students, go to page 10 which is located between pages 44 and 45. Page 10 contains questions 1 and 2. After reading page 10 to the students, return to page 11 to continue reading test questions, beginning with question 3.

Session 2:

Ignore page 10 when reading session 2 to students.

Grade 7 Science Test

The sample item used to demonstrate answering a multiple-choice item is incorrectly marked in the grade 7 answer documents (page 22).  The correct answer for the sample item is D and B is incorrectly marked on the answer document.  The Test Administration Manual states that D is the correct answer. 

Please tell students that choice B was incorrectly marked on the answer documents and that choice D is correct.

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