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January 13, 2009

Interactive ISAT

The Interactive ISAT Multiple-Choice Sample Questions have been updated for 2009. Almost 1 million sample tests have been accessed on this site since it began February, 2008. This year, we have doubled our capacity and can now serve 6,000 concurrent test takers. New test links appear on the site to provide better access to the interactive site.

 The updates also include additional sample items. One new reading passage and 10 new questions, have been added per grade.  The 2008 reading passages will also remain on the site.  For math and science, new items have been added, making a total of 30 math and 48 science questions.  These are the same sample items that appear in the 2009 ISAT Sample Books, which can be found on the ISBE website at

 If online technical assistance is needed for the interactive site, contact MetaLogic at  Other questions should be directed to ISBE at

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