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August 20, 2009

ISAT Announcements

Delivery of 2009 ISAT Reports—The ISAT reports are scheduled to arrive in districts and Chicago 299 schools no later than August 31, 2009. This is the complete shipment, including the paper copies of the ISAT reports such as Performance Profiles and Individual Student Reports, the Student Data Disk, the Summary Report Disk, and the Item Analysis Reports.
Reporting Note: Students who took a linguistically modified form of the ISAT tests (Form LM) will not receive any national norm results such as national percentile ranks (NPRs) for mathematics or science. ISAT reading tests were not linguistically modified, so national norm results will be reported for reading.

Spanish Template of the 2009 ISAT Individual Student Reports (ISRs)—Posted on the ISAT Web site are Spanish templates of the ISAT ISRs. There is one template for grades 3, 5, 6, and 8, which includes translations for the reading/ mathematics/writing ISRs. There is a second template for grades 4 and 7, which includes translations for the reading/mathematics/science ISRs. Please feel free to copy these templates as needed for your parents who speak Spanish. These are provided for use at your discretion. You are not required to copy and distribute these templates.

Item Analysis Report Templates (2009 ISAT items)—Posted on the ISAT Web site are templates of the Item Analysis Reports. The templates display the number of items on the 2009 ISAT tests from each goal, standard, and assessment objective. For reading, mathematics, and science there is a separate template for each grade tested. There are no item analysis reports for the ISAT writing tests.

2010 ISAT Test Window Waiver Form—This form allows districts to apply for a shift in the regular, two-week ISAT test window (March 1 12, 2010) due to school closings, specifically those due to spring break. You may request to shift the two-week window either one week earlier (February 22 March 5, 2010) or one week later (March 8 19, 2010). Instructions for submission are on the form.
The waiver form must be submitted to ISBE no later than December 1, 2009.

The Spanish ISR Templates, Item Analysis Templates, and Test Window Waiver Form are online at Each link has a yellow NEW banner by it to make the link easier to locate.

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