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March 25, 2008

Illinois Alternate Assessment (IAA) Online Scoring Update

This message is intended for IAA Coordinators, IAA Teachers and Administrators, regarding the spring 2008 assessment. If this assessment is not applicable to you, please disregard.

MARCH 21, 2008

Today marks the end of the first week of IAA testing for the districts and cooperatives using the regular testing window of March 17 through April 4.

Since online scoring is required this year, Pearson will be sending out updates regarding the status of scoring completion based on the scores that have been entered into the online scoring system. Please take a few minutes to read the information below and make sure that you are prepared for this assessment.

Unassigned Students – There are still a significant number of unassigned students in the online scoring system. Pre-ID'd students were imported into the online scoring system, and they should be listed in the Active Students folder when the IAA Coordinator logs in. For a student to be considered "Assigned" they need to be transferred into a classroom. A coordinator will need to create a teacher account and classroom for each teacher that will be entering student scores. Once that process is complete, the coordinator is responsible for going into the Active Students folder, and transferring the students listed into their appropriate classrooms. Once this is complete, teachers will be able to enter student scores. Unassigned students cannot be scored.

Coordinators - If there are students in your Active Students folder that are going to be scored elsewhere, they need to be transferred to THAT location in the online scoring system. If it is within your district, you can complete the transfer. If it is to a location outside of your district, then you will need to submit a Student Transfer Request to have the student's testing location updated in the online scoring system. If you need assistance with online scoring, contact Pearson's School Success at 888-234-4849 or by e-mail at

Scoring Deadline - April 11th is the last day to enter your scores. There will not be another opportunity or method to communicate student scores, so if you have already administered the test please take a few minutes to enter your scores. If possible, please do not wait until April 11.

Teacher's Rule of Thumb:
BEFORE TESTING - Contact your coordinator to make sure you have a teacher account and a classroom created. Log-in and verify your student list, and if needed, create any missing students.
AFTER TESTING - All a teacher should have to do is enter the scores, which should take less than 2 minutes per student. All scoring should be complete by the last day of YOUR testing window.

Pick-Up of Test Books - April 17th is the pre-scheduled FedEx pick up off IAA materials. All test booklets are considered secure and must be returned to Pearson. The pick-up points were determined based on the location of the initial shipments to the districts. All test booklets must be returned to these locations to accommodate the April 17th pick up. Refer to page 17 of the IAA Implementation Manual for more information.

Resources - For guidance with the online scoring system, there are two user's guides available; a Coordinator User's Guide and a Teacher User's Guide. Both are available on the Resources page of the online scoring system, or on the ISBE Web site at

You can also call 1-888-234-4849 for help navigating the online scoring system.

Have questions? E-mail Pearson at

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