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September 12, 2007

IAA Pilot Materials in District

Pilot materials for testing reading, mathematics and science should now be in school districts. The Pilot testing window is Sept. 17-28. If you have not received test materials, please contact Pearson at or at 800/627-7990 State Code 814. Pilot materials will be picked up by FedEx on Oct. 4 at the site where they were delivered. If you need to order additional materials, go to Pearson’s Web site at:

Testing a Grade-Up

For the Pilot ONLY, tests will be administered to students in grades 4-9 and 12. Grades 3 and 11 will not be piloted. Test booklets are marked for grades 4-9 and 12, and should be administered to the students in those grades. In other words, give the 5th grade test booklet to a 5th grade student and so forth. The content covered will be at a grade level lower. If the elementary/junior high district receives tests for 9th graders, please transfer the materials to the high school district. The 12th grade students to be tested are those students who took the portfolio last year as 11th graders. In the spring, grades 3-8 and 11 will be tested.

Online Scoring Passwords

Scores for the Pilot must be entered online. Pearson e-mailed Coordinators a password for accessing the online system and setting up teacher accounts. If you have not received your online password, contact Pearson at User guides for the online scoring are posted the ISBE IAA Web site at:

Change in IAA Coordinator - Pearson’s Assessment Network

If you are the IAA Coordinator, please go to Pearson’s Assessment Network and verify that your name is the one listed. If it is not, please return to the Assessment Network from Oct. 19-Dec 7 to officially make this change. This is the only time you can update the contact information on the Assessment Network for this year. It is most important that you update this contact information as this person receives all e-mails and test materials. The Assessment Network URL is:

Updating the Student Information System (SIS)

October 15 is the deadline for districts to enter 2007-08 school year enrollments into SIS. In the past, IAA students have been enrolled with the test contractor in the fall of each year. This is no longer necessary as SIS is now in place.

If you have general IAA questions, please e-mail Marilyn Leveque at

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