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October 29, 2007

Spring 2008 IAA Test Modification Window Reminder

If your district’s spring break falls within the regular IAA test window, your district can move the three-week IAA test window to one week earlier or one week later. To do this, districts are required to submit a test window modification form to ISBE by December 1, 2007, and receive permission from ISBE allowing for the modified test window.

The IAA test modification request is totally separate from any request your district makes to modify the ISAT test window.


IAA Early ** 10-Mar-2008 through 28-Mar-2008
IAA Regular 17-Mar-2008 through 4-Apr-2008
IAA Late** 24-Mar-2008 through 11-Apr-2008

2008 IAA Test Window Modification Form

For questions, contact Marilyn Leveque, IAA Coordinator,

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