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March 10, 2007

SIS grade 3-8 pre-ID files

ISAT testing has started and I want to personally thank all of you for your hard work through the last year. We appreciate your patience and understand your frustrations. Again, we thank you for everything you do!

This notice is being sent to remind you of the approaching deadline for correcting the SIS Assessment Pre-ID files. We will be closing the pre-ID file on the last day of your district's ISAT testing. It is very important that all Assessment Pre-ID data be correct and sent to SIS by the end of your ISAT Assessment Testing period. Please do not wait; correct your Assessment Pre-ID data now.

You will still be able to correct your students’ demographics but it will on the Assessment Correction file which will be open on the Monday after your last day of testing. However, the more you have correct on your pre-ID file, the less you have to do on the Assessment Correction file. Scores will be posted on or before June 11. The last day for cleaning up all your data for grades 3-8 is June 29, 2007.

We are holding one more state-wide conference call about the correction process on Tuesday, March 13. You can get the powerpoint at

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
9:30 – 11:00 am
PHONE Primary Dial-In: 1 (800) 640-9765
Confirmation Number: 17095141

How do I verify that my Assessment Pre-ID data is correct?

- Login to IWAS and select SIS

- Click the reports link

- Select the Pre-ID report

- Select "All except Access"

Data can only be corrected by submitting Demographic/Enrollment files and Assessment Pre-ID files.

How do I request my District's Pre-ID file?

- Login to SIS via IWAS

- Click the Request File link on the ISBE/SIS Home Page

- Select the grade level to be included in the file "3-8, 11th or all grades"

- File will be available for download via the SIS Download File link

If assistance is needed, please contact the ISBE Help Desk by calling 217-558-3600 and ask for SIS support.

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