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June 8, 2007


The 2007 grades 3-8 ISAT, IAA and IMAGE scores for reading, math and science are now posted on IWAS/SIS. We are very pleased to have these data available to you at this time. The period for correcting demographics or asking for rescoring begins now and will close on June 29, 2007. There will be no extensions.

We have staff ready to assist you in this clean up process.

Rescore information is located at - click on Rescore Form.

Please call 217-558-3600 or email They will transfer your questions to the appropriate staff. For more information, please go to - click on Assessment Correction Conference Calls.

Grade 11 will be posted on July 20 and clean up will end August 3. Districts may continue to work on the grade 11 data now in order to prepare for the score reports. Writing will be posted later this summer. Writing does not count for AYP.

Preliminary AYP will be calculated in the next few weeks for those schools who have submitted their e-Report Card data. Superintendents will be notified via IWAS when their AYP status has been calculated.

THANK YOU EVERYONE - We thank you for your hard work all year in preparing for the test, for providing accurate data and for cleaning up the data now.

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