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January 4, 2007

ISAT data disks

The 2006 ISAT data disks are being shipped out to school districts today and tomorrow. They should arrive in all districts by Monday, January 8. The disks are in CD-ROM format contains two files: a) raw data file; and b) a spreadsheet file. This file includes all sub-scores along with the additional score information. The file layout for the disk contains multiple pages which provide documentation including file layout. The summary file includes the variable headers for test score reports. You will be able to manipulate the data as necessary.

You can find the file format template on our website – Click on ISAT – go to 2006 and then the Data Format link.

If you have questions concerning the data disk you may contact Dr. John Craig at or 217/782-4823.

Again, many thanks for your patience.

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