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February 21, 2007

ISAT District & School Coordination manual

We want to alert you to the following typographical errors which were discovered on the ISAT District and School Coordination Manual that was recently posted on the ISBE Student Assessment Web site – - we apologize for any inconvenience these may have caused you.

Page 8 – First bullet in Troubleshooting. The phone number for PEM in the last line of the bullet should read 800-627-7990.

Page 12 – Under Scheduling Limitations, number 3. Delete the words for a subject immediately before the parenthetical statement.

Page 28 – Paragraph immediately after the MATERIAL PICK UP SCHEDULES box. Line that begins “Pearson without both a green or red label…” Substitute the word Tracking for Tacking.

Page 28 – In the IMPORTANT NOTE box.
--Third line in box -- add the word is and the word that to read "Additionally it is important that you…"
--Fifth line in the box – delete the word be after the word not to read "…, and typically are not able to return later in the day."

Page 29 – First activity in the After Testing section, third line. Substitute the word must for musr.

Page 31 – In the Answer Documents section, second line. Substitute the word separate for seperate.

Page 34 – In the parent or guardian letter, end of first line. Substitute the word grades for grade.

Page 35 – Last paragraph on page, first line. Substitute the word checked for checking.

Page 37 – The last 3 bulleted points on the page are indented 5 spaces. These bullet points should have been aligned with the other bulleted points on the page.

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