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September 11, 2006


The posting of PSAE scores is still delayed. Please know that we are in constant contact with Harcourt trying to get this resolved. Due to this late posting, PSAE score cards could not be produced this year for shipment to principals in August.

We are encouraging schools to advise grade 12 students about participating in the PSAE retake this fall based on information that is currently available to them (Day 1 ACT results only). Remember that only PSAE scores from grade 11 testing in the spring are used for school accountability and that participation in the retake is optional for grade 12 students. Grade 12 students who did not take the PSAE while in grade 11 should be encouraged to register for the retake so they can meet the requirement of having to take the PSAE to receive a regular high school diploma this year.

Once scores are posted, your district will be able to export these results to a spreadsheet so they can be shared with you.

As soon as PSAE scores are posted for district review, we will notify superintendents via IWAS and on the Assessment listserv.

CORRECTION PERIOD FOR GRADE 11 – We encourage all districts with high schools to be check now that the grade 11 Assessment Correction files are accurate since the clean up after PSAE scores are posted will be limited to 10 working days. The Assessment Correction file has been open since last spring, and grade 11 IAA and IMAGE scores have been posted since July.

Districts should have error free Assessment Correction files for grade 11 and should now just be waiting to review PSAE scores.

For assistance, please call 217-558-3600 or email

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