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October 12, 2006

School Report Cards and SIP plans

Teaching and Learning

Test scores

While we are doing our best to get AYP to schools and districts as soon as possible, we are not certain when we will be able to tell schools and districts their status.

ISAT, IAA, and IMAGE scores were posted in late July and early August. Schools have seen preliminary data and made necessary corrections, however, final AYP has not been calculated and school and student reports have not gone to print as of today.

PSAE scores have not arrived at ISBE. When they do, schools will have 10 days to make corrections. These scores will be finalized once they are ready to print; about 2 weeks following corrections.

School report cards will be produced once final data for all state assessments are received at ISBE from Harcourt. It is possible that we will not be able to provide districts with report cards prior to the October 31st deadline for making report card information available to the public. Unfortunately, we do not have the authority to extend the October 31st deadline and can only encourage you to disseminate report cards as soon as you receive the information from us. As always, after the school report card data is available, it will be embargoed from the media for a period of time.

School Improvement Plans

The delay in reporting 2006 state assessment results is hampering a complete review of data necessary for School Improvement Plans that are due to ISBE. Schools that have not made adequate yearly progress for two consecutive years are required to revise their school improvement plans. Schools have three months to revise their plans following notification of academic status.

Notification of status related to state assessment results will start the clock ticking for revising School Improvement Plans. As soon as final notification occurs, schools will have the full three months for planning, followed by a 45 day peer review process and local board approval. At the end of that period, district superintendents must post the approved plans using the Illinois e-Plan School Improvement Template at the Interactive Illinois Report Card website

In the meantime, ISBE will host three call-in sessions to talk about the requirements and timelines for the revised plans. These call-in sessions will be held November 1 and 15 and December 12. Further information about these call-in sessions will be provided via the Superintendent’s Bulletin in the coming weeks.

ISBE advises administrators of schools in academic status to review student progress from other available local data, to identify the degree to which instruction is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards, and to measure the progress of strategies and activities in their existing school plans. This information will assist in determining priorities for the required plan once state assessment data are finalized. It is imperative that schools continue to work toward eliminating achievement gaps in school.

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