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November 21, 2006


The pre-ID labels for the ACCESS for ELLs® language proficiency test will be handled differently than last year.

ISBE Student Assessment has made changes to help TBE/TPI coordinators and district staff in charge of Limited English Proficient (LEP) services.

ISBE will pull all the names and student demographic information for LEP students in grades Kindergarten through 12 from the Student Information System (SIS). Every student identified as LEP will receive a pre-ID label for ACCESS.

Districts are encouraged to make sure that LEP students have their State ID numbers and current demographic information entered into SIS before November 22, 2006. ISBE vendor MetriTech will use this information to produce the pre-ID labels which will be sent to districts around January 9, 2007. Some additional student information will still be gridded or "bubbled in" on the ACCESS answer document.

Students enrolled after November 22 will not receive pre-ID labels for ACCESS and will need to have their information gridded or "bubbled in" at the time of testing.

The LEP students and current demographic information can be verified through two new reports now available on the Student Information System.

  • 2007 ACCESS Test Pre-ID Report - Summary
  • 2007 ACCESS Test Pre-ID Report - Detail

To access these new reports:

  1. Sign-on to the Student Information System (SIS) via IWAS
  2. Click on Reports from the left menu bar. You will now be able to select either
    • 2007 ACCESS Test Pre-ID Report - Summary or
    • 2007 ACCESS Test Pre-ID Report - Detail

For detailed instructions on how to access these reports, see below

  1. From the ISBE homepage -
  2. Click IWAS in the menu bar near the top of the screen
  3. Logon to IWAS with your Login Name and Password
  4. Click System Listing from the left menu bar
  5. Under Categories, Reporting, Monthly Click Student Information System
  6. Click Reports from the left menu bar within the Student Information System
  7. Select 2007 ACCESS Test Pre-ID Report (Summary) Or 2007 ACCESS Test Pre-ID Report (Detail)
  8. Select option(s) from various dropdown lists
  9. Select Sort options from drop down list on Detail Report only
  10. Click View Report

If you need further assistance on how to view the reports call the ISBE Help Desk at 217-558-3600 and ask for assistance with the Student Information System (SIS).

If you have any questions regarding the pre-ID label process for ACCESS, email Becky McCabe at or call MetriTech at 1-800-747-4828.

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