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November 1, 2006

PSAE correction reminder!

Deadline for clean up - Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE) scores have been posted since October 18, 2006, on the IWAS Student Information System (SIS) Assessment Score Reports and on Spectrum to allow for data clean up through Friday November 3, 2006.

Districts must be sure that student demographics are accurate, that missing students have been claimed, and that Day 1 and Day 2 partial records that need to be merged (but could not be merged based on specified match criteria) are identified.

For Student Information System (SIS) Districts:

To find the Assessment Score reports, please go to and click IWAS from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Logon to IWAS with your Userid and click on System Listing from the left menu bar. Under Categories and Monthly click Student Information System.

Click Report from the left menu bar.

Select 2006 Assessment Scores Report (Detail).

Review this report for each of your students. If all of your students have their scores and there are no errors, you are finished. Congratulations !

If you need to make corrections to the reports, click Request File from the left menu bar. Select the Grades that you want and click on Request Assessment Correction or Request for Assessment Score. Then click Download File from the left menu bar. Then get the Assessment Correction file or the Assessment Scores file from the Download File list. Click on the appropriate file and save to your computer system.

Modify the Assessment Correction file and or the Assessment Score file for the PSAE and upload to SIS just as you did for ISAT, IAA and Image.

Please refer to the ISBE SIS site at for Help Documentation. See "Tips for Completing ISBE 2006 Scores Template" , “Steps for Correcting 2006 Assessment Scores Data”, “Tips for Completing ISBE 2006 Assessment Scores Template” and "Steps for Correcting 2006 Assessment Scores”.

For Non-SIS Districts: You will work off Spectrum to do your data clean up. For assistance on Spectrum, please call the Harcourt Customer Support Center at 800-763-2306

If you need to make corrections or if you have students with missing scores, then you should contact the ISBE Help Desk You should call 217-558-3600 and request assistance for the Student Information System (SIS) or send an e-mail to

We appreciate your patience and we are prepared to assist you with this clean up process.

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