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November 13, 2006

ISAT and IMAGE reports

ISBE is currently in the verification process for 2005-2006 ISAT and IMAGE testing results. Once that verification is complete, ISBE will being printing the reports listed below.

The printing and delivery process will take four to five weeks. At that time ISBE will deliver the following ISAT and IMAGE items to districts (to individual schools in Chicago):

  • District Summary
  • School Summaries
  • District Roster
  • School Rosters
  • Individual Student Reports*
  • Student Data Disk

The reports and summaries listed above are separate from the ISAT results districts will receive on the School Report Card. While there is not yet a timeline yet for posting of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) or the School Report Cards, ISBE will notify superintendents through IWAS when AYP and School Report Cards are posted.

We apologize for the delay and understand how difficult and frustrating this situation is for schools and families. Thank you for your patience.

*The 2006 Individual Student Report Templates are available online for viewing:

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