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March 6, 2006

Please Note:

Students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans or LEP students who need to have the ISAT mathematics and/or science test read to them should use FORM 1 of the regular print test booklet to follow along as the test is read to them. They must use this form because both the ISAT reader script and audiocassettes were developed using FORM 1.

Please be aware of this when affixing pre-ID labels to your grade 3 test booklets. If you will be reading to a student, the student’s label must be affixed to FORM 1. For other grades, the label is affixed to an answer document that can be used with any form but the student must be given a FORM 1 test booklet so the tests that are being read to them match what they are seeing in the booklet.

We are sending this notice because a number of districts have alerted us to the fact that they affixed pre-ID labels to a wrong form of the grade 3 test booklet.

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