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March 27, 2006

PSAE Gridding

For students for whom no Day 2 label is available, PSAE testing staff will need to grid a limited amount of demographic information (legal name, date of birth, gender, plus home school RCDTS code) on Day 2 answer documents after testing is completed. See pages 13 and 41 in Day 2 Supervisor's Manual of Instructions that is posted on the Web at under Information for PSAE Test Supervisors/Accommodations Coordinators.

The demographic information that is provided for students should match exactly current information that has been uploaded for students to SIS (or to Spectrum, if student’s home district is not using SIS this year) so that each student's answer document can be matched with the correct record that has been entered in SIS (or in Spectrum).

On the Day 1 answer folder, students have to grid in certain information regardless of whether Day 1 labels are available and affixed to their folders. The information they grid on their Day 1 answer folders is used for their ACT test records (maintained by ACT).

The only purpose of the Day 1 label is to link the Day 1 record to the Day 2 record, and it is the demographic information associated in the data file with the barcode on the Day 2 label that is used to generate PSAE score reports.

It would help immensely for students to enter exactly the same name, date of birth, and gender on the Day 1 answer folder as has been uploaded in SIS (or Spectrum). This is especially critical to being able to match the Day 1 and Day 2 records if no labels are available for students.

If you have questions, please call the Student Assessment Division at 217-782-4823 or email

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